‘Meet a Member’ Series

Co-ops are powered by people and as a larger co-op development we’re privileged to have members from all walks of life, who are doing fantastic work inside and outside of Stirchley Co-Op Development (SCD). Each month we’ll be introducing you to one of them, so you can meet the faces behind SCD.

In our first ever edition of our Meet a Member Series, we had the privilege of speaking to Dylan. One of the founding members of SCD.

Dylan – what’s your role in SCD?

I’m a housing member who will be moving in next year.

How long have you been involved in SCD?

I’ve been involved since 2016… I think!

How did you first get involved with SCD?

Back in 2016 some of us were trying to set up a group that would bring all the worker co-ops in Stirchley together, so they could collaborate and support one another. There was also a few of us who were excited about setting up a housing co-op locally. I was also involved in Radical Roots at the time, a network of left-wing co-ops across the country.

What inspires you most about the development?

I can’t wait to see the dream of so many years of work realised! The day we are able to move in it will be so incredible. I remember a time when we were just looking at land in Stirchley with no idea we would ever be able to make this happen. I know the work doesn’t stop when the building is complete, but seeing the building finished is a huge milestone and I’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment when everyone moves in. I also can’t wait to get to know everyone and find ways to live together as community, which is part of what it’s all about.

What are you working on in the co-op right now?

Currently I’m part of the Membership Working group. Originally we wrote a lot of the membership policies, before drawing up membership packs and then designing our membership process. We then designed and organised the whole interview process which proved very challenging – maybe more so than we expected! Deciding on who to recommend was also SO hard. Now the membership group has a bit less to do, so we’re focusing on welcoming new members and helping them settle in to the co-op.

I’m also a member of the Secretarial Group where we’re consulting with members and trying to make the co-op as accessible for people as possible.

Tell us a little bit about your life outside the co-op.

I’m actually a children’s swimming teacher, which is fun! I also have my own Personal Training business called Pick Up Fitness (shameless plug!). I run free classes for the trans community as part of a wellness co-op I’m involved in called We Get to Move. Related, I love powerlifting and of course swimming.

I’m AuDHD (autistic and ADHD) so I know a lot about very random topics such as tarot, herbalism, foraging, certain films and trashy TV shows, that I have no business knowing so much about.

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