We asked people who supported us by sending comments to the council’s planning department if they could also send us a copy for this website. Here’s a few we’ve recieved. They should be made public on the planning website at some point. Thanks everyone!

We fully support the Stirchley Co-operative Development for our favourite bakery, Loaf, to grow in a sustainable way and expand their community activity in Stirchley.

Mike B

What a wonderful project! Stirchley Co-operative Development are to be commended for their well-thought-out plans, that will benefit Stirchley as a local area, and benefit the people who currently live in Stirchley. I wish them every success.

Mike H

As a child I was raised in a tiny basement flat in Plymouth just after WW2.  The Plymouth City Council had a massive project to rehouse the population.  It was a wonderful relief to my family when we were allocated a council house.  My family were so grateful to be rehoused in this way.

Modern life has given the population higher standards even than those well designed houses but so many people find that they have dropped through the net.

For various reasons there are those unfortunates that cannot afford the present day housing, either to buy or to rent. Furthermore, with the rising population there is not enough accommodation in the country, which in turn exacerbates the problem by raising prices. Sadly I see people, old and young are often reduced to a bundle of blankets at night in doorways and shelters in my area.

How splendid it is then that the Stirchley cooperative have used their energy to seeking to provide affordable housing for their local community.

I do hope that this project meets the approval of the Birmingham Planning committee.

Gerald H

Birmingham is crying out for sustainable developments that serve to enhance community spirit and local regeneration. I am delighted with the plans that have been submitted by Stirchley Co-operative Development for one such building that will be located a stone’s throw from my house. This will bring about significant benefits for the local economy – unlocking new jobs and providing affordable homes by transforming a derelict brownfield site in the heart of Stirchley.

Josh P

I am a resident of Kings Heath, and am writing to express my support for the Stirchley Cooperative development, which currently has a planning application being reviewed by Birmingham City Council.

I feel that the development will both enhance the independent, community-based and cooperative character of the area’s businesses, and provide much needed affordable, as well as eco-friendly, housing.

Danny W

When I found out who the team was behind the planning permission application, I was relieved. This group of people aren’t faceless developers, instead they are people who really care about the area. I completely trust that this development would be delivered in a way that benefits both residents and businesses in Stirchley.

Stirchley is a fantastic place where independent businesses have thrived, these businesses are the reason why the area is growing in popularity and attracting the attention of journalists. The independent scene should not be risked in any way.

It is very clear that there are still some areas that need to be brought back to life. However this must be done in a way that enhances the area, rather than making it yet another identical high street. Therefore, I implore you to approve this request and let the team behind Stirchley Co-operative Development deliver what is set to be a fantastic new asset for Stirchley.

Kelly B

I’m writing a short note to express my support for the Stirchley Co-operative development on the land next to the British Oak.

I’m sure you’ll agree development in this area is well overdue, and it is only thanks to the ingenuity of small businesses like Loaf, Wildcat, Artefact, Bike Foundry etc, that Stirchley has seen a resurgence.

As you’ll also be aware, Stirchley is receiving global attention for it’s creative, sustainable, grass roots community.

Now, more than ever, we need to look to these schemes rather than large corporations, for the well-being and success of our communities.

It would be a dereliction of duty not to support it.


Since being introduced to this community via the Artefact about three years ago I have participated in many of the community events and gatherings and made many fine friends along the way.  This is a community without age, race or gender barriers, dedicated to working together and to helping others. They are a prime example of sustainable practice and sensitivity towards the environment, totally devoted to community enrichment.  Developments like this will lead us into a cleaner and more sustainable future, encouraging awareness in the community and beyond.  It will enrich the whole area and will bring more people and business to Stirchley.

I fully support this project and have a great deal of confidence in the people behind it, architects of communities and the future

Anna P

As a B30 resident who freqently visits this part of Stirchley, I was delighted to see the applicants submit this proposal.

For too long this site has been sitting empty and disused. The plot is currently an eyesore and a blight on the area, and it will be excellent to see it brought back into use.

The applicant’s proposed use for the site is also incredibly benefical to the area and those who live here. South Birmingham needs more affordable and sustinable space for SMEs (and other small organisations which might or might not be profit seeking), as well as affordable housing on a fair basis, so as to enable people to stay in the area who might otherwise be forced out by rising prices, as well as enabling those who might otherwise be disuaded from making the area their home, to live here.

I am delighted to see that the applicant’s plans will ensure that the area remains a mixed community, whilst also developing in a contemporary way, the area’s strong heritage as a community that is marked out by a strong ethos of co-operation and mutual collective provision. As well as one which is forward looking in terms of its embrace of sustinable technologies which in providing for people’s lives and livelyhoods do not overly damage our fragile enviornment.

Looking forward to you approving the application and the development coming to fruition.

Josh A

Just seen details of your project on the Pershore Road Stirchley and wanted to let you know how delighted I am to see that you are embarking on such an imaginative, much needed sustainable scheme. Birmingham needs many more such projects and I hope it’s such a success that it’s the first of many similar initiatives. Others will hopefully be encouraged to follow your example. I expect that it has already taken a long time to get to this stage so don’t lose sight of all you’ve achieved by getting to this stage and allow yourselves a pat on the back. Good luck with the planning application – I cannot see why it shouldn’t get the planning committee’s full support. good luck!  In the meantime, I’ll look forward to enjoying popping in to buy a loaf or two when I’m passing by for years to come.

Peter W