Planning Application Summary

This page is a summary of our planning application to Birmingham City Council which can be viewed in full on the planning website with the reference 2019/10502/PA.

(The planning portal can be confusing at first so we’ve prepared a guide to using this service.)

The following are images and text taken from the planning docs to give you a sense of what we’re buiding without having to work through technical information. You should of course check the full documents if you need to.

Once you’re familiar with our plans we’d really appreciate you giving your comments to Birmingham City Council through the planning portal.

The Design and Access Statement

This document runs through our plans in relatively plain English. You can think of it as the brochure for the development, explaining what we want to do and why we want to do it that way. It was written by the architect with lots of input from ourself.

You can download it as a PDF in two parts:

The Architectural Drawings

These are preliminary, simplified renders of the building’s size and shape. More detailed renders showing the textures and materials will be made once preliminary plans are approved.

Corner of Pershore and Hunts Roads

Rear view of courtyard
View from the south showing boundary with British Oak pub on the left.

Front view along Pershore Road

Side view along Hunts Road

Birds-eye view of the courtyard

Ground Floor

The ground floor houses the three worker co-operatives and two accessible flats. From the bottom left we have Artefact’s gallery, cafe and community meeting spaces. They will also manage the hall which will be used by the whole building for meetings and community events.

Next is Birmingham Bike Foundary’s workshop and shop. They will also use a covered area in the courtyard and manage the bike storage shed.

On the right corner is Loaf’s shop and bakery. Moving up the right side is the cookery school which will open to the courtyard where Loaf will manage a kitchen garden, pizza oven and other building assets.

In the top right are the two wheelchair accessable flats with are the disabled parking bays. In the top left of the courtyard is a shed housing bins, secure bike storage and communal tools.

First Floor

The first floor houses a range of 1 to 3 bedroom flats, a laundry and communal lounge and kitchen. The lounge opens to a small roof garden over the hall.

Second Floor

The second floor is entirely 1 to 3 bedroom flats with a laundry in the top right.

Third Floor

The third floor houses the remainder of the flats with access to a substantial roof garden for clothes drying and such. The main roof along the Pershore Road will house solar panels and, we hope, bee hives.